1. Domeinregistraties


We offer the following extensions: .COM .GB & amp; .NOW
These domains can be registered directly, we will ensure the completion of the order. Do you have an extension that does not appear on the list. Please contact us, we are often able to register your extension. All domain names are registered directly on your name.

Check the availability of the domain

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€ 39,- a year


€14,95 a year


€16,95 a year

2. Pakket op maat

Our hosting always takes place on a private server. This has significant advantages over the performance of your website in regards to a so-called shared hosting – placing much greater numbers of website on one server in order to save costs.

On the right side, you will find an overview of the different packages:

GL Light

€ 5,- a month
2000 MB Storage
2000 MB Traffic
2 Databases
5 Mailboxes
Ticket Support
99,9 % Uptimegarantie
No Setup Costs

GL Basic

€ 10,- a month
5000 MB Data
5000 MB Traffic
5 Databases
10 Mailboxes
Ticket Support
99,9% Uptimegarantie
No Setup Costs

GL Pro

€ 20,- a month
10000 MB Storage
30000 MB Traffic
10 Databases
20 Mailboxes
Ticket Support
99,9% Uptimegarantie
No Setup Costs

WP Engine

€ 35,- a month
WordPress Specialized
25000 visitors
10000MB Storage
Unlimited Traffic
Phone Support
No Setup Costs

3. Website Onderhoud

When a website has been developed by the hand of a so-called open-source system, maintenance is highly recommended – basically just a requirement. A big advantage of open-source systems is that thousands of potential developers thereto can contribute by continuing to develop the platform. The disadvantage of these large-scale systems is that it is also an interesting breeding ground for hackers. It is therefore important to provide a website with it’s latest updates, to keep unwanted visitors out. Therefore, we offer remote maintenance for users of both WordPress and Joomla:

WP Starter

€ 25,- a month
4 Support Hours A Year
Weekly Backups
Monthly Updates
Monthly Malware Scans

WP Premium

€ 55,- a month
Most Picked
8 Support Hours A Year
Daila Backups
Monthly Updates
Weekly Malware Scans
Monthly Optimisation
E-Commerce Support

Joomla Basic

€ 20,- a month
Updates Joomla
Updates Theme
Updates Components (max 10)

WP Complete

€ 110,- a month
12 Support Hours A Year
Daily Backups
Weekly Updates
Weekly Malware Scans
Monthly Optimalisatie
E-Commerce Support
Small Fixes
Content Data Netwerk

4. Content Management Systeem

“A content management system is a software application, often a web application that allows people to easily edit content and in particular without it too much technical knowledge, like documents and data on the Internet (content). In abbreviation it’s called CMS.
In short; Many of our installations come with a CMS management system after completion so that you can continue with the content and managing your own website. So you can get to work, we only come back into the picture when technical changes are wanted.


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