1. PHP Coding

To let a website perform the right way

We use PHP as the scripting language to provide in dynamically loading content websites. For example, a web site can be provided with information which is stored a database. Our programmers can achieve a platform that has all kinds of purposes in this way. It’s allows you to work with an administration, blog, web shop or for example a complete staff system. We’re good in implementing existing code and modify it in such way, that’s correctly suited for your purposes. So we can minimize custom-made work to reach your goal. You’re assured of an application that is appropriate for your business.

Result: a custom-made system for your organization.


2. MySQL Databases

To store data securely and structured

We use MySQL databases for storage of content like; numbers, text, graphics or others. The database makes it possible to store it in many different ways; and reading the data at any time, whenever it is desired. We now have produced custom databases for several (large or medium scaled) companies, all in other to increase business procedures. Result: Always dates available.


3. HTML5

For a complete layout structure of your website

HTML is a programming language that lets you structure the content of a text. Think of headings, paragraphs and images. Simply put: with HTML you can take care of the complete structure of a web page. HTML5 is the latest and last variant. HTML5 we use in all of our  projects. HTML5 is designed for better handling and structure. This release has improved to provide in a better solution for the diversity of content offered by the web today.

Result: A website with the latest technology.


4. CSS3

So that the website gets the right look and feel

CSS is also called ‘Style Sheets’. It is largely used to influence the display of the website. The format of a website now relays on these stylesheets and are often (completely) disconnected from the structure (HTML). This has several advantages when you start for making changes for example, but also for the size of pages and for the browser-friendliness. Again, we always use the latest technology CSS3. Result: A website with the latest technology.


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